Anything For The Bit

One thing I have learned about myself is that the tiniest minutiae of my day can literally throw me into a tailspin, characterized by some lifestyle-overhauling, self-flagellating, binge-inducing sundry doom n gloomin’. Dropping my avocado toast and getting pepitas everywhere. Being late to the Arclight. READ RECEIPTS.


But put me in a moment of high crisis and it’s like when the optometrist in the movie is flipping the lenses, one by one, in front of the character’s eyes and then suddenly everything is crystal clear and they’re like, “THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN MISSING?” I honestly don’t even know if that’s the right way to explain that, I have never been to an optometrist and I don’t even know what fictional depiction of the optometrist I am referencing here but like, it’s there guys, v vivid imagery of this fictionalized eye exam.

What I’m saying is, despite my resting state of intense neuroticism, I do pretty well under pressure.

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Women Doing Rad-Ass Things: Helen Johannesen & Marissa A. Ross

Sick & tired of me talkin’ ’bout dudes? Me too, me too.

So let’s talk about my other cornerstones: rad-ass babes, and wine.


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Flying back to L.A. today makes me purr. Flying is an oddly luxurious experience for me; not the departure itself, not the end of a nice, long weekend with family. An hour-plus of my time when I can’t and don’t have to check email, or see what few push notifications I have left on. I have my book. I have my one offline playlist. I have my amorphous blanket sweater. I have my own brain in which to neurotically turn thoughts over and over until they’re as unintelligible as a word said too many times. I have my uncanny ability to fall asleep slack-jawed immediately after take-off.

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Jules’ Book Club: Day of the Locust

After shooting on Gone with the Wind ended, producer David O. Selznick said of the giant facade of Southern plantation house Tara:

“Nothing in Hollywood is permanent. Once photographed, life here is ended. It is almost symbolic of Hollywood. Tara had no rooms inside. It was just a façade. So much of Hollywood is a façade.”

Reading this quote the other day, I was immediately reminded of a book I had read. I was surprised by how much it had stuck with me.

(Cue pretentious sigh, eyelids fluttering)
It was probably one of the first books that stuck with me for that coincidence of right place/right time circumstances–not for the childhood nostalgia (see: Harry Potter duh), or the begrudging retainment as a white woman with college classes and production meetings and parties with a lot of wine to attend (see: all Salinger, Shakespeare’s history plays).

As a burned-out about-to-be-not-student, Nathanael West’s Day of the Locust was exactly the kind of discouragement I needed.
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American Celebration 2036

okay so this is very niche. deal with it.

american celebration is chapman’s annual song-and-dance revue spectacular followed by a gala dinner that raises a significant amount of funds that go to scholarships. it’s, like, the reason i could afford chapman. (beams widely)


after having performed in american celebration four years in a row, i’ve put a lot of thought into the number i would want to honor me when i finally contribute something significant to the arts (see, I gave myself approx. 22 years to do so–ample time). this is what i want:

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I Survived A Raw Vegan Cleanse

& i hated every second of it.

i’m not kidding you.

a lot of angelenos like to be all sanctimonious about their self-imposed dietary martyrdom, but i’ve always been a food lover, encouraged to have an open mind and palate, unstructured beyond eating healthfully, in moderation, and allowing room for indulgences. so a week of raw vegetables and juice was probably the worst thing i could do for my morale.

the rules were as follows: all week, eat alkaline vegetables (i found a lot of conflicting reports of what constituted as alkaline, so this was the start of my woes). start each day with a glass of warm lemon water & cayenne. follow the prescribed meal plan of a juice, post-workout smoothie, veggie lunch, and soup dinner, a plan that was cursory and at times lacked recipes.

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Wearable Technology

wow. WOW. this week set the darkest, nerdiest corners of my heart ABLAZE.

“oh right, the apple watch? i know.”


cute. no. you’re wrong. you don’t know.

i’m talking about opening ceremony’s collaboration with intel, My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA). because as much as i trust tim cook’s fashion sense, i trust rashida jones, elle fanning, dree hemingway, and karlie kloss a hell of a lot more.

Opening Ceremony
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